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Delivery of Shepherd's & Drover's Huts

A fully constructed hut is delivered on the back of our specially modified trailer, so anywhere a trailer can go, a hut can be positioned.

delivering a Shepherd's Hut

To negotiate narrow country lanes and to avoid any low hanging branches, the hut is built on castor wheels, which is then winched onto the trailer.
The axles are already fixed to the trailer, while the cast iron wheels are securely strapped down in the back of the Landrover.
A canvas cover keeps the hut clean whilst travelling the roads and protects from scratches caused by intrusive branches.

delivering a Shepherd's Hutdelivering a Shepherd's Hutdelivering a Shepherd's Hut

Once in position the hut is then lowered into place, with the axles and wheels fitted in the process.

delivering a Shepherd's Hut

If access is an issue, we can either crane the hut into position:

delivering a Shepherd's Hut by crane

Or our flat-pack system allows us to build the hut on site. Either in our standard “5 component” system where the main carcass is delivered in 5 parts; base & 4 sides, then the remaining items fitted, making the hut watertight within the first day, completed in 3 days (depending on finish).

Flat pack delivery of a Shepherd's Hut

Or built from single components:

assembly of a Shepherd's Hut on site